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Types of Healthcare Insurance Policies

When you go shopping for healthcare insurance plans, you are presented with different options. Knowing the pros and cons of every healthcare insurance type can save you from jumping into the wrong battle. We all know that healthcare insurance plans are expensive, and you cannot afford to choose the wrong ones. Before finalizing your private health quotes, spare some time to analyze the different healthcare insurance quotations and plans by top health insurance companies.

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Why do I need the right Healthcare Insurance Plan?

If your guardian’s health insurance plan does not cover your medical expenses, then having your own healthcare insurance policy is the best idea. The plans and policies can vary depending upon your medical condition, sex, and age. So, the right healthcare insurance policy can help you to take care of all medical facilities and costs.

Types of Health Insurance

Health insurance companies serve clients from a diverse population, so a single insurance plan does not fit all clients. There are some general types of healthcare insurance policies. The given types briefly explain every insurance type for the beginners:

Private Health Insurance

The health insurance sector of the USA is highly dependent on private health insurance companies. More than 65.5% of the American citizens under the age count of 65 years have some sort of private health insurance policies.

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Government or Public Health Insurance

These types of health insurance programs are funded and subsidized by the government institutes and Medicare healthcare insurance, Medicaid and Veteran’s health administration insurance programs are the examples of government or public health insurance programs.

Other Types of Healthcare Insurance Programs

These two were the health insurance types that were based on their operation modes. Here are some further types of healthcare insurance policies. These types of healthcare insurance policies are classified on the bases of the procedure of medical coverage.

Managed Care Plan

In this type of healthcare insurance program, the insurance company connects the policyholder with the specified medical facilities. The insurance policyholder will get cost-effective treatments based on the insurance contract. The more expensive managed care plan means that insurance policyholders will get to enjoy more benefits and flexible treatments.

Indemnity Plans

These plans are also known as fee-for-service plans cover all the medical facilities and treatments, just like any other insurance plan. The policyholder can choose the hospital or the place of treatment, and the insurer will pay up to 80% of the total expense, and the policyholder will pay the rest of the expenses.

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Health Maintenance Organizations

HMOs are the organizations that are responsible for providing medical treatments directly to the policyholder. These organizations have dedicated doctors and physicians to provide necessary medical care. These are generally the cheapest healthcare insurance plans.


Like indemnity insurance plans, the policyholder can visit any hospital or doctor for the treatment. PPOS has specific medical care centers with discounted prices. The insurers don’t have to pay the full fee for the treatments.

POS Plans

POS plans are the mixture of both HMO and PPO insurance plans. The policyholder can choose any option for the treatment, as mentioned in the above programs.

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