Four college students, two women and two men, are happily smiling and looking at the camera. They are considering ACA plans for their health insurance needs.

ACA Plans for Students: How to Avoid the Risks of Being Uninsured in College

College is an exciting and challenging time for many young adults. It is also a time when health insurance coverage becomes more important than ever. College students may face various health issues, such as stress, mental health problems, infections, injuries, and chronic conditions. Having access to quality and affordable health care services can make a big difference in their well-being and academic success.

However, finding the right health insurance plan can be confusing and overwhelming for college students. They may have different options depending on their age, income, location, and enrollment status. They may also have to deal with changing life circumstances that affect their eligibility and needs.

In this post, we will explain the different options for health insurance coverage that college students have under the Affordable Care Act (ACA Plans), and how to choose the best plan for their situation.

Option 1: Stay on your parent’s plan

One of the benefits of the ACA is that it allows young adults to stay on their parent’s health insurance plan until they turn 26 years old. This applies regardless of whether they are married, living with their parents, in school, or financially dependent on their parents.

Staying on your parent’s plan can be a convenient and cost-effective option for many college students. You don’t have to worry about finding a new plan or paying a separate premium. You also get to keep the same benefits and network of providers that you are familiar with.

However, staying on your parent’s plan may not be the best option for everyone. Some of the drawbacks are:

  • You may not have access to in-network providers in your college area, which means you may have to pay more out-of-pocket costs or travel long distances for care.
  • You may not have privacy when it comes to your health information, as your parent may receive your medical bills and statements.
  • You may lose coverage when you turn 26 or when your parent changes or loses their plan.

Option 2: Enroll in a student health plan

Many colleges and universities offer student health plans to their enrolled students. These plans are designed to meet the specific needs and budgets of college students. They typically cover basic health services such as preventive care, primary care, urgent care, mental health care, and prescription drugs.

Student health plans can be an easy and affordable way to get health insurance coverage while in college. You can enroll in them through your school’s website or office. You can also pay for them as part of your tuition and fees.

However, not all student health plans are created equal. Some of them may not meet the minimum standards of the ACA, which means they may not cover all the essential health benefits or protect you from high out-of-pocket costs. They may also have limited networks of providers or exclude certain services or conditions.

You should check with your school and read the plan’s summary of benefits and coverage (SBC) before you enroll in a student health plan. You should also compare it with other options available to you on the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Four college students, two women and two men, sitting at a table. One of them is smiling and looking at the camera. They are considering ACA plans for their health insurance.

Option 3: Enroll in a Marketplace plan

The Health Insurance Marketplace is an online platform where you can shop for and enroll in ACA-compliant health insurance plans. These plans cover 10 essential health benefits, such as emergency services, hospitalization, maternity care, mental health care, and prescription drugs. They also protect you from annual or lifetime limits on benefits and pre-existing condition exclusions.

Enrolling in a Marketplace plan can be a good option for college students who want more comprehensive and flexible coverage than what their parent’s or student’s plan offers. You can choose from different levels of coverage and cost, depending on your needs and budget. You can also change your plan during the open enrollment period or when you have a qualifying life event.

Another benefit of enrolling in a Marketplace plan is that you may qualify for financial assistance to lower your premium or out-of-pocket costs. Depending on your income and household size, you may be eligible for:

You can apply for and enroll in a Marketplace plan through or your state’s Marketplace website. You can also get help from brokers, navigators, or other assisters who can guide you through the process.

How can DiskQuote help you find the right ACA plans for your college education?

As a college student, you have different options for health insurance coverage under the ACA. But choosing the best plan for your situation can be hard and confusing. That’s why we recommend DiskQuote, a company that works with reliable Health Insurance and Medicare Companies to get you the right insurance prices. DiskQuote has a team of qualified and experienced professionals who can help you find the ideal ACA plan for your college education.

DiskQuote can help you:

  • Compare different ACA plans from different companies in one place.
  • Find out if you are eligible for any subsidies or tax credits to lower your costs.
  • Enroll in an ACA plan online or over the phone.
  • Get answers to any questions or concerns you may have about ACA plans and college education.

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A college student, wearing a backpack and smiling, is entering his classroom. He's considering ACA plans for his health insurance.

How ACA Plans Affect College Students: An Interview with a Young Adult

As the Affordable Care Act (ACA) enters its tenth year of implementation, many Americans are still confused about how it affects them and their health insurance options. This is especially true for college students, who often face unique challenges and opportunities when it comes to health care. To shed some light on this topic, we interviewed a young adult who is currently enrolled in an ACA plan and asked him about his experience and opinions. For privacy reasons, we will call him John (not his real name).

John, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Sure. I’m 26 years old, and I’m a senior at a public university in California. I’m majoring in computer science and I hope to graduate next year. I live off-campus with two roommates, and I work part-time as a tutor.

How did you get your health insurance?

Well, I used to be covered by my parents’ employer-sponsored plan, but they lost their jobs last year due to the pandemic. They couldn’t afford to keep paying for the plan, so I had to find another option. I went online and checked out the health insurance marketplace, and I found out that I was eligible for a subsidized ACA plan. I chose the one that had the lowest monthly premium and the best coverage for my needs.

How do you like your ACA plan?

I think it’s pretty good. It covers the essential health benefits, like preventive care, prescription drugs, mental health services, and emergency care. It also has a low deductible and a reasonable out-of-pocket maximum. I pay about $50 a month for the premium, which is affordable for me. I also get some financial assistance from the government to help me pay for the plan.

Do you have any complaints or suggestions about your ACA plan?

Well, I wish it had more options for providers and hospitals. Sometimes I have to travel far to see a doctor or a specialist that is in-network. I also wish it had more coverage for dental and vision care, because those are important for me too. I think the ACA is a good idea, but it could be improved in some ways.

Note: The name of the interviewee has been changed to preserve his privacy.

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